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Announcing new internship subjects for 2021!

27 September 2021
Nomadic Labs

Are you a student in Computer Science or Cryptography? Are you excited about tackling complex programming problems, eager to acquire a deeper knowledge in your field of interest, and happy to work with talented and skilled staff to build a free, open-source, decentralized blockchain architecture dedicated to social good?

Then the Nomadic Labs internship program might be for you!

We at Nomadic Labs are one of the premier research and development centers of the Tezos ecosystem. We work on the core development, evolution, and adoption of this self-amendable blockchain protocol in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and elsewhere. More than fifty talented engineers work with us, mixing industrial and academic skills and applying their expertise in distributed, decentralized and formally verified software.

In the previous internship program eight interns spent between three and six months working with us on various subjects, from peer to peer to building testing tools. They came from Université de Paris, the École normale supérieure, the École Polytechnique — and even from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario in Argentina.

By joining one of our teams as an intern, you will grow your skills in a collegiate and collaborative space, and help to build a free and open-source decentralized ecosystem that is as committed to doing social good, as it is to technical excellence.

Internship subjects

We are offering the following list of 13 internship topics — or you can come to us to propose your own (see below).

You can also propose your own project, provided it is close to Tezos or the work we do at Nomadic Labs. Please just describe your interests and outline your ideal internship, and we will be happy to discuss developing the topic together.

To submit your application, please send an email to internship@nomadic-labs.com, or click or follow the link of the desired subject and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Are you a lecturer who would like to share these internships with your students? Thank you sincerely for your interest: please feel free to share our 2021-22 internship catalog.