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Announcing Tezos’ 12th protocol upgrade proposal, “Lima”

10 October 2022
Nomadic Labs

This is a joint post from Nomadic Labs, Marigold, TriliTech, Oxhead Alpha, Tarides, DaiLambda, & Functori.

We’re happy to announce that Lima, our next Tezos protocol proposal, is ready. As usual, Lima’s ‘true’ name is its hash, which is PtLimaPtLMwfNinJi9rCfDPWea8dFgTZ1MeJ9f1m2SRic6ayiwW.

The main features of this protocol upgrade proposal are:

  • More pipelining: The work to separate validation from application of operations and blocks continues. It will enable higher Layer 1 throughput on Tezos.
  • Consensus keys: This much requested feature lets bakers change their key for signing blocks and consensus operations without changing the baker’s public address.
  • Improvements to Tickets: Ticket ownership updates are now part of transaction receipts, which helps indexers keep track of tickets. Also, zero-amount tickets will be deprecated.
  • Ghostnet fixes: Two problems arose during the migration from Jakarta to Kathmandu on the permanent ‘Ghostnet’ test network. These are fixed in Lima.
  • Liquidity Baking sunset removed: The sunset is no longer needed, as the subsidy can be shut off with the moving-average toggle introduced with the Jakarta upgrade.
  • Temporary Timelock deprecation: Due to a discovered vulnerability, origination of new contracts using Timelock are disabled while a safer mechanism is developed.

To learn more about Lima’s contents, see our full preview post.

The changelog provides a detailed list of changes, and a general technical overview of Lima can be found in the protocol proposal’s technical documentation.

Note that, if Lima is voted in by the community, upgrading to Octez v15.0 (or later) will be necessary for participating in consensus. A release candidate for Octez v15.0 will be published in the coming days, and a dedicated protocol test network Limanet is also scheduled to begin soon – more information about the latter test network will be available on https://teztnets.xyz/.

Rollup testers wanted

Development of next-generation enshrined optimistic rollups on Tezos is progressing steadily. Functioning rollups implemented in Rust are currently running in our test-suite.

However, these rollups are not part of the Lima protocol upgrade proposal, as more time needs to be spent on validation, testing, and integration with ecosystem tools before they can be activated on Mainnet.

We highly encourage ecosystem participants to start experimenting with these rollups on the Mondaynet testnet, where they are already activated.

Broad testing and feedback from the ecosystem is invaluable in our efforts to minimize the risk of undetected issues upon Mainnet activation. Read more about how to get started.