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Hello, world!

19 December 2018
Nomadic Labs

We’re a team built around lead architects of the Tezos seed protocol, Benjamin “klakplok”, Grégoire “hnrgrgr” and Pierre “chambart” of OCamlPro with the help of the Tezos Foundation. After a busy year and the successful launch of Tezos our team finally has a home: Nomadic Labs.

In the last year, our team has grown rapidly to more than 30 permanent developers, coming from both academia and industry - many of whom hold a PhD in computer science fields. Among them, Pierre Boutillier, our release manager, is now well-known by the Tezos baking community.

After a few nomadic months, in November, we inaugurated our new office in Paris. We look forward to hosting seminars, meetups, other community events, and more developers! In the spirit of our name, Nomadic Labs extends beyond Paris. Indeed, we also have a smaller office in Grenoble and a few colleagues are based in other far-flung regions of the world.

Nomadic Labs houses a team focused on Research and Development. Our core competencies are in programming language theory (and practice!), distributed systems, and formal verification. We believe our strength lies in a unique mix of skills and experience, allowing us to transfer the best of academic research into real world applications.

We currently focus on contributing to the development of the Tezos core software, including the smart-contract language, Michelson. We also have a mobile team working on the Cortez wallet.

As a member of the Tezos community, we are fortunate to collaborate daily with academic institutions and many other contributors to the ecosystem. Some of our closest collaborators are researchers from the French research institute Inria, OCaml Labs in Cambridge (UK), OCamlPro and Tarides in Paris, Obsidian Systems and Cryptonomic in NYC, Dailambda in Kyoto and, last but not least, many individual developers.

Stay tuned in 2019!