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IMPORTANT: Critical Patch to Tickets in Edo

10 February 2021
Nomadic Labs


We have discovered a critical bug within the new Tickets functionality in Edo.

Several mechanisms were considered to mitigate this problem; none were ultimately found to be satisfactory. We have therefore taken the step of producing and releasing version 8.2 of the Tezos node that includes a patched version of the Edo protocol that differs by only a few lines of code.

Nodes running 8.2 will automatically adopt the patched version rather than the original version of Edo when it activates on February 13th, 2021, around 19:30 GMT. We ask all bakers and node operators to please update immediately to 8.2, rather than 8.1 which most are currently running. Nodes running version 8.1 or earlier will not be able to communicate with the new chain.

The hash of the new version of Edo is: PtEdo2ZkT9oKpimTah6x2embF25oss54njMuPzkJTEi5RqfdZFA

We appreciate that this is coming at a very late stage in the Edo upgrade process, but we believe that this is the best choice available. It is safer to have the upgrade occur at a time when every bakeries already updating their software and planning to pay close attention to their node because of the impending adoption of Edo.

We do our best to prevent bugs from slipping inside our releases but unfortunately, as with any complex software, there is always a small chance of missing something. We intend to adopt several new quality control mechanisms to reduce the probability of similar bugs going undetected in the future.

The Git tag for this release is v8.2 and the corresponding commit hash is 6102c808a21b32e732ab9bb1825761cd056f3e86.

Full changelog and update instructions are available in the version 8 release page.