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Meanwhile at Nomadic Labs #8

08 June 2020
Nomadic Labs


Let’s talk about what’s been going on at Nomadic Labs for the past two months. Despite the global pandemic, we’ve stayed hard at work for the Tezos Community.

We published an in-depth look on how we use regression testing to catch bugs in Tezos: Catching sneaky regressions with pytest-regtest.

Marco Stronati gave a speech about the integration of Sapling in Tezos for privacy and compliance at the Ready Layer One conference.

May was a big month as we introduced the new Multi-network node that we’ve been working on for a while. More information on the critical update including the new multi network node can be found here.

We also released a critical reliability update for all Tezos nodes. This update fixed a bug that could cause nodes to crash with a segmentation fault. A newsletter was sent out to all subscribers that recommends everybody to update, which included instructions. Please subscribe to our newsletter here, if you haven’t already.

We participated in a webinar that introduced Tezos hosted by the blockchain student association.

Due to the many questions related to ongoing protocol development, we hosted & participated in a number of AMAs. The first of which was held on May 12th on Reddit. The questions & answers can be viewed here. A second AMA was held on Agora on May 26th together with Metastate. Questions and answers can be found here.

Together with other actors of the Tezos ecosystem, Marco Stronati and Marc Beunardeau spoke on the Zeroknowledge podcast. The discussion included the Tezos community, governance, and how Zcash’s Zero Knowledge Proofs (Sapling) will be integrated in an upcoming Tezos protocol upgrade proposal.

Apart from the above we have been busy with work on the shell, core protocol and mainly the upcoming protocol upgrade which will be ready for injection sometime soon.

Thanks all! More to come.