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Study, Learn and Work with Nomadic Labs

19 January 2019
Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs is opening its doors to students from all around the world to join our internship program.

We are interested in many research and practical projects ranging from parallel programming using hardware accelerators, to verification of Michelson contracts, creation of ReasonML/Michelson decentralized applications and privacy analysis of the Tezos network.

Internships are tailored to Master’s students. Some proposals have already been submitted to a few European universities. They will typically run for a maximum of six months.

We will happily receive and evaluate applications from students from all around the globe. We will also be pleased to receive original project propositions in related areas, and we welcome educators to contact us to establish co-tutoring agreements.

We can also offer financial support to successful applicants to move to France (Paris or Grenoble) for the duration of the internship.

Looking forward to hearing from motivated and enthusiastic students!